About Liberty

About Liberty

Liberty International Mineral Corporation is a highly aggressive gold, silver and base-metal exploration company based out of Kelowna BC, Canada. The Company holds mineral licenses to huge highly potential land packages on two continents with a corporate strategy to position itself as a major contender in the discovery and development of the next generation of mineral deposits and potential mines in emerging and forgotten mineral rich regions of the world.

Rock Pick in Silver Lead Zinc OreLiberty’s primary focus is on the creation of value for all its stakeholders by discovering significant or world-class precious and base metal deposits and then potentially entering into partnerships with major mining corporations to develop them into profitable mines.

As a “first mover” in 2004, Liberty was able to license 21,950 km² of territory in the mineral rich and newly emerged nation of Liberia West Africa which was later delineated to 9,050 km² and through the process of systematic scientific exploration is currently in the process of delineating the territory down to approximately 4,500 km2.

The Company has identified 18 highly anomalous gold zones (projects) to date in Liberia, of which the two most advanced, the Belefuani Toto Range prospect on ‘Gold Hill’ and the Putu CVI prospect in Grand Geddeh County are drill ready and hold the potential of being very significant or possibly even world class gold deposits.

Understanding the global growing demand for economic deposits of irreplaceable base metals, Liberty incorporated six additional wholly owned subsidiaries in British Columbia and began to aggressively acquire mineral tenures in the well known, but decades forgotten, mineral rich region of the West Kootenays in southern BC Canada.

Through a combined process of acquisition, mineral option agreements and direct claims, Liberty succeeded in acquiring more than 13,500 km2 of basically contiguous mineral tenures in the region.

Liberty was soon being referred to as the largest holder of mineral tenure in British Columbia with 12 primary areas to date identified for advanced polymetallic exploration of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum and tungsten including its two most advanced and highly prospective projects, the Silver Lynx silver, lead zinc project and the Greenhorn copper silver project which are both very potential for significant deposits and are both ready for immediate drill programs.

Len Lindstrom is the founder of Liberty International Mineral Corporation, its two predecessor companies and all 13 of its wholly owned subsidiary companies that encompass the Liberty Group of companies, and he, in conjunction with the growing number of highly experienced geological professionals who have joined the Liberty team, continues to be the driving force behind the company’s rapid growth.

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