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Social Responsibility

Local development and assistance has recently become an expected or mandatory requirement in the majority of nations where exploration companies are operating but Liberty has been built and developed on the concept of mutual benefit.

Michael Lindstrom warmly welcomed in Liberia villages 2004

From its very inception Liberty International has had a strong mandate to engage in charitable humanitarian projects, particularly in the host countries in which it is engaged. One of the primary social goals of the corporation is to conduct beneficial works especially in regards to children by carefully planned and strategically positioned projects such as water wells, rural medical clinics, village schools or such other works as are most needed particularly in those regions where Liberty is conducting major programs, thereby potentially gaining favor for the Company with local communities and government leaders as well as to fulfill its mandate of being an agent for change, positive development, training and assistance to those less fortunate.

Precious Liberian children that Liberty intends to help with village schools, medical and development

We believe that support from the communities in which we operate is critical to the long term success of our company and must be approached with respect, transparency and understanding. By maintaining high standards for the protection of human health and dignity as well as a respect and concern for the environment, and working in cooperation with our host communities, we endeavor to create sustainable, long-term economic and social opportunities.

A hearty response in Gbanga Campaign 2006Among our many goals is to be recognized by communities and governments as the company of choice for exploration and the development of new projects.

In conjunction with standard business considerations, Liberty’s social responsibility, values and commitments to local people and communities form an integral part of our operations.

It is the Company’s objective to provide increased returns to our shareholders while sharing the value created from our operations with a wider set of stakeholders through the alignment and linkage of our business and our social responsibilities.

Exuberant crowd in Bannersville Campaign December 2007

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